Monday, 16 July 2012

Holiday Videos...

Haven't posted on here for a number of months. Thought I would give a short update.
I have become increasingly more interested in film-making and on my recent holiday to New York and Florida I decided that I would video the trip so that on my return could show people footage of our experiences as apposed to just holiday snaps.

Here is the first two days spent in New York City...

Yours Joe x

Friday, 6 April 2012

The Easter Cow...

As Easter is around the corner, and usually this time of year is not a terribly eventful affair, it was suggested that I paint an egg to then be given as a gift. After being amazed by the blowing-of-the-yolk-out-of-the-eggshell process, painting began. I was at first undecided on what would be best to paint on my egg. But after three hours of intense artistic craft and hairdryer usage, I managed to successfully decorate my egg into a cow, The Easter Cow. I hope that this gift was well received.

Yours Joe

Monday, 12 March 2012

Alfred the frog...

There once was a frog named Alfred, a very popular frog was he,
But one day when out exploring, alone where no frog had been,
He hopped and hopped and hopped some more, yet seemed to not know where he be,
Scared and frightened in the heat of the sun, he spies a terrible bird in a tree,
Its beak razor sharp and eyes set to kill, poor Alfred saw no place to go,
However not far away came a girl and a boy, who spotted the frog in the road,
They saw his distress and the mean old back crow, although the boy did think Alfred a toad,
But of course Alfred was no toad, but a frog who just needed to get home,
So the boy and the girl scooped him up and the evil crow's dinner was gone,
They approached some watery reeds and knelt down nearby,
and poor Alfred hopped back in his pond,
Alfred was so grateful to be back home,
that he told all his friends of the adventure he'd been on,
He said they must be more wary of the world beyond,
and that things can sometimes go wrong,
Lucky that little Alfred was picked up in time,
or who knows what may have happened, a terrible crime?
But the boy and the girl made all quite sublime,
and alas here ends the story I've burn out my rhymes,
Chime, dime, hydrated lime, mime, prime and mother of thyme.

Yours Joe

Wednesday, 29 February 2012


These past few weeks have brought with them a great deal of change to my life and have indeed caused the ensuing months to be rather different than one might have expected.

Being somewhat a creature of habit, once I become used to an idea or situation and that situation is then drastically altered, depending on its implications I feel initially unsettled.

This comes I believe with falling into the Cancer star sign. Some people take a rather sceptical view on the subject, with the notion of not believing in the way that each sign categorizes every person. I am rather a believer, I must say.

This change has spurred me on to create a new blog that documents some of these changes in a 'realtime' way, but based on my progress in music. Here is the link to it -

Have a lookie.

Yours Joe

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Gigging sketch...

Last Friday my band performed our first show of this year. On entering London's renowned Scala venue, I did feel an unexpected nervousness in anticipation of the night's proceedings.

As the floor packed slowly full of bodies, the adrenalin began to pump. Then on hitting the first string of my guitar, the show ignited into a sweat-filled, crowd-surfing, crowd stage-diving, awestruck performance.

With many old friends among the audience supporting, added to this extremely special occasion.

Below is my second sketch of the year that helps to illustrate that day. I am rather pleased with this one...

Yours Joe

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Today is one of those days when reflection is needed for those loved ones who have passed. Two years ago my dear Grandpa passed away due to lung cancer. Looking back at our time together I am blessed that there were a many happy joyous moments despite the few months of illness at the end.

It is important for families to remember their beloved and treasure the good times had. I find that it helps to bring us all together. 

I am very fond of my Grandpa. He was a rather awesome person! 
He also painted me this picture for me below...

Yours Joe